Bodegas Avancia lies snuggled in the slate dominant mountainsides of Valdeorras, high above the Sil River. Named for the extensive gold mining that the Romans conducted in this area, (Val-de-Oras roughly translates to Valley-of-Gold in Latin) Valdeorras is home to the finest terroir for growing two of Spain’s most important indigenous grapes – Godello and Mencía.

“One of my favorite wineries in Spain is Bodegas Avancia. This is a small estate of roughly 23 acres, dry farmed (a characteristic of all of the selections of Jorge Ordóñez), with organic viticulture. Their specialty is working with the Godello grape, which may well be Spain’s finest indigenous white grape. It has the texture of a Chardonnay, but with crisp, mineral and floral notes in its aromatics. Avancia is certainly the top producer of this intriguing and delicious dry white.” ~ Robert Parker, Jr., 2016

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REGION Galicia

Grape Source: The winery has approximately 60 acres (24 hectares) of vineyards, of which 30 acres are Godello and 30 acres are Mencia vines. The vineyards are found in the Valley of Valdeorras, located in the zones of Larouco, Seadur, Corgomo, O Bolo, Xaguaza, Villamartin,Castelo, Raxoa, Seixo, and Rubiana.


The grapes for Avancia Mencia come from some of the winery's oldest vineyards; the Airoa vineyard, planted in 1904 in Raxoa, and the Bancal vineyard, planted in 1910 in O Bolo. Both are planted on on terraced mountain slopes at 450 m (1,476 ft.) above sea level.

The grapes for Avancia Godello come from four different Godello vineyards. The Airoa vineyard planted in 1904 in Raxoa, O Barco; the Barreiros vineyard planted in 1915 located in Corgomo, Villamartin de Valdeorras; the Romarin vineyard planted in 1906 located in Mones,Villamartin de Valdeorras; and a vineyard called Seixo,located in a very small town by the same name, planted in 1936.

The grapes for Avancia Rosé are sourced from a vineyard planted in 1978 in Castelo at an altitude of 650m above sea level.

The grapes for Avancia Cuvee de O Godello are sourced from vines planted between 1960 and 1990 in the zones of Xaguaza, Larouco, Seadur, and O Barco. The grapes for Avancia Cuvee de O Mencia are sourced from vines planted between 1950 and 1980 in the zones of Rubiana, O Bolo, Corgomo, and Villamartín.

Soil: The composition of the soil is metamorphic slate and quartz.

Climate: The warmest D.O. in Galicia, characterized by a Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influences. The Sil River Valley creates a micro climate which ensures that the vines receive sufficient sunlight in a region that receives close to one meter of rain per year. The mountains protect the vines and moderate the Atlantic’s strong climatic influence. The vineyards are planted on high altitude, northern oriented slopes. These slopes are exposed to drastic temperature swings between day and night, and very cold winters. The balance of warm days and cool nights promote ripeness balanced by high acidity.

Located in the municipality of O Barco de Valdeorras, in the province of Ourense, Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.