At the foothills of the Caiatini Mountains in the province of Caserta, the Alois family originally developed a reputation as quality silk producers in the 1800s during the reign of the Bourbon King of Naples, Ferdinand IV. The family’s fabric adorns famous walls around the world including the Italian Parliament, the White House and the Louvre Museum.

In 1992, Michele and his son Massimo Alois partnered up with the University of Naples in a quest to rediscover the ancient varieties of the Romans and Bourbons popular during the Bourbon era of Southern Italy in the 1800s. They grafted pre-phylloxera cuttings of Casavecchia, Pallagrello Nero and Pallagrello Bianco onto the estate’s wild rootstocks and ultimately revived the popularity of these quasi forgotten varieties. 

“There is no region in southern Italy that can match Campania’s breadth of world-class whites...” - Antonio Galloni

REGION Campania
APPELLATION(S) Campania IGP, Terre del Volturno IGP
PROPRIETORS The Alois family
WINEMAKER Michele Alois

The Alois Estate is located northeast of Naples in an Amphitheater-like setting of rolling hills near the inactive volcano of Roccamonfina and the Matese Mountains. The farming practices of the Alois family are not yet organically certified but 100% sustainable. The estate is comprised of three main vineyards: 

Audelino Vineyard - Known for its volcanic soil composition and mineral presence, the wine from this terroir offers an intense dark fruit character and a notable mineral structure with firm but elegant tannins. 

Morrone della Monica Vineyard - Cultivated on clay and calcareous soil, the fruit from this vineyard hails from the eastern edge of the estate. This is the only vineyard site with a direct south-facing exposure yielding wines that are full-bodied, generous and intense. 

Cesone Vineyard - This vineyard site produces the highly acclaimed Trebulanum wine made with Casavecchia grapes. The warm, daytime temperatures and cool nights are key features to this site. The parcel is less than 2 acres of clay soil and fertile unplowed topsoil.

The winery is located in the lower valley of the Volturno River, just North of the city of Caserta in the Campania region of Italy, in a typical agricultural area with small villages, surrounded by green hills. Its origins date back to the beginning of the eighteen hundreds.

It was built by recovering parts of its original porch, utilizing two old tufa walls and two vaulted rooms on the main floor that belonged to the pre-existing rural home.The preserved parts of the house were entirely restored and professionally treated to conserve the original stones.The contrast between the two buildings is evident, partly due to the decision not to build a single structure that included all functions and partly due to the desire of preserving, even partially, the original architecture of the area.

"The Remarkable White Wines Of Campania"
- Tom Hyland, 2018-10-09
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