100% Vijiriega. Vines planted in 2013. Tended in albariza soil at 20 m (65.6 ft) elevation. 

Made from the nearly extinct indigenous variety Vijiriega, Atlántida Blanco is a history project, a wine that tells the story of a time in winemaking history that is long past. Intensely expressive of the terroir of Cádiz and completely unique, Atlántida Blanco is a reach back in time. 

VINIFICATION AND AGEING: Foot pigeage in stainless steel tanks and fermented in demi-muids using its own yeasts. Aged for 12 months in 600 L demi-muid with lees, no battonage. Racked to stainless steel for 5 months of stabilization before bottling.

The single parcel where the Atlántida is grown is called Pago Añina. Brushing against the sea, it is one of the Jerez’s most coastal vineyards, one with a pure white albariza soil. The grapes of this parcel were historically destined for Manzanilla and Fino due to their fresher maturation, lower alcohol and clean acidity. The unique albariza soil of this vineyard consists predominantly of chalk and clay, one of the richest raw materials within the vast vineyard of Spain, and suited perfectly for the climatic conditions of Cádiz. This dense soil retains an enormous amount of moisture from the heavy rainfalls (650 liters on average) in autumn and winter and later keeps the vines hydrated during the hot, arid summer months.