Wildfire Relief Resources

/ August 26, 2020

In America, the end of summertime has historically been a dichotomy of emotions, symbolizing the melancholic farewell to long, hot days, as well as the blossoming hope of a fruitful harvest. While this is still true, in California the end of summer has slowly become an anxiety-induced period of time with its representation of the dreaded fire season. 2020, unfortunately, followed suit of the preceding years as fires have sprung up this late August and September due to unheard weather conditions and heatwaves igniting over 100 wildfires. 

As we grapple with the ongoing fires, Chambers & Chambers wishes to support those affected most any way possible. Our hearts go out to the winery partners, loved ones, and residents who are currently being evacuated during these painful times. While is it important to keep those struggling in our thoughts and prayers, we want to also provide a list of relief charities below, for when those thoughts and prayers don't seem to be enough.

*wildfire image credit to Justin Sullivan/Getty images*