James Suckling
Weingut Wittmann, 2016 Wittmann Morstein GG

"Be prepared! This is the most closed of the 2016 Wittmann Grosses Gewächs, but it has extraordinary finesse. Then the fundamental power climbs out of the abyss and pushes the incredibly fine, chalky finish out towards infinity. Please wait until at least 2018, because this has enormous potential. No hurry! You can even hang on through 2050."
Wine Advocate
Weingut Wittmann, 2016 Wittmann Morstein GG

"The 2016 Morstein Riesling GG is super clear, fresh and intense but also pure, fine and chalky on the nose, indicating remarkable finesse and complexity. The attack on the palate is really fresh if not piquant, the wine pure, fresh and mineral, with almost no flesh but lots of salt and minerals as well as fine, juicy tannins. Still terribly young but precise and well-defined, this is an endlessly salty and stimulating Morstein for a long-distance run. Gorgeous and very promising in its finesse, elegance and purity. A classic from late-ripening grapes. Great, great finesse here and a very long, pure finish. There is 33% less Morstein than in a normal year due to strict selections in the vineyard and also in the cellar, where only the vats with the most persistent wines were chosen to become GG."
Weingut Wittmann, 2016 Wittmann Morstein GG

"Zesty lemon and tangerine are tinged with chalk dust on the nose. To the accompaniment of white peach, the citrus fruits turn surprisingly juicy and generous on the palate, which is notable also for its almost caressing silkiness. This is Morstein with a generosity, almost a youthful charm, that I don’t recall from past installments. A judicious measure of dissolved CO2 underscores the wine’s sense of energy as well as (again, surprising) buoyancy. Its chalkiness and sheer density come back on the finish as palpable pithiness, but generous juiciness prevails for rewarding refreshment, while an influx of marine salinity stimulates the salivary glands. Too bad that Wittmann reports nearly a third less Morstein this year than usual, not so much attributable to the rigors of the growing season as to the decisions made about which lots to choose and how much to declassify into the village-level bottling."
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2016 Wittmann Morstein GG
Weingut Wittmann

Wittmann's vineyards lie between 600-720 feet on the south-facing slope of Morstein. Its soils consist of limestone covered by clay.

The thin topsoil allows the vines to penetrate deep into the rocks resulting in a wine that is impressively complex with purity and multi-layered finesse.

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