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Dr. Loosen, 2014 Loosen 'Dr. L' Riesling Dry QbA

"BEST UNDER $15: The first release of the dry version of Dr. L, this is as lean and savory as it is friendly and giving."
–Dec 2015

Dr. Loosen, 2014 Loosen 'Dr. L' Riesling Dry QbA

Dr. Loosen, 2014 Loosen 'Dr. L' Riesling Dry QbA

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2014 Loosen 'Dr. L' Riesling Dry QbA
Dr. Loosen

Dr. L Riesling Dry is made with fruit that comes exclusively from traditional vineyards with steep slopes and slate soil. By working closely with local growers on long-term contracts, brothers Ernst and Thomas Loosen are able to maintain excellent quality in every vintage.

The Mosel’s steep, south-facing slopes create the perfect climate for Riesling, giving the vines ideal exposure to the sun. Generally cool conditions allow the grapes to ripen slowly while retaining bright acidity.

2014 Vintage
A very mild winter in 2014, (not a single day of snow or ice) led to an early bud break and flowering, which caused concern about possible frost damage. Luckily, there was no frost. The vines were well ahead of normal, but a cool and rainy summer slowed them down. The only problem was the heavy rains in July and August brought the grapes to the point of bursting. Harvest had to happen quickly to avoid rot issues. Through fast work and careful selection, the crop that was picked was good and healthy. This is reflected in the bright fruit and persistent minerality of the 2014 Dr. L Riesling Dry.

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