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Lang & Reed Wine Company, 2013 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc 'Two-Fourteen'

"Named for a Loire Valley clone, this New World wine aspires to an Old World sensibility and achieves it in its floral invitation and bright, peppery overtones. Coiled within its thickness of tannin and dense cherry are ethereal, earthy whispers of intrigue and acidity. This is a lively, lovely wine."

Lang & Reed Wine Company, 2013 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc 'Two-Fourteen'

Lang & Reed Wine Company, 2013 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc 'Two-Fourteen'

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2013 Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc 'Two-Fourteen'
Lang & Reed Wine Company

100% Cabernet Franc

Lang & Reed 'Two-Fourteen' Cabernet Franc is named after its unique clonal selection (Clone 214, also called clone 11), a cultivar that originated in Chinon, in the Loire Valley of France, home to some of the world's most renowned Cabernet Franc vineyards and producers. The clonal selection here is significant: most and plays into LNR’s Loire focused program… historically, most of the Cab Franc clonal material is of Bordelaise origin and isn’t really fit for making the restrained, elegant and beautifully aromatic wines that John and Tracey have become famous for.

A single-vineyard wine, from the Sugarloaf Vineyard, situated in the cooler region of Coombsville in south-eastern Napa Valley perched on a rocky spine of exposed basaltic igneous rock. The site benefits from moderate temperatures and cooling breezes, perfect for creating a complex and long-lived Cabernet Franc.

Wine ages in French oak, some of it new, for 16 months.

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