Giornata, 2014 Giornata Aglianico French Camp

"Deep ruby. Lively, spice-laced aromas of dark berries and candied flowers, complemented by subtle vanilla and woodsmoke notes in the background. Starts off taut and firm, then gains weight and breadth, offering gently sweet blackberry and cherry flavors and a touch of candied licorice. Finishes juicy and long, with building tannins coming in very slowly. This wine is tighter than the Luna Matta bottling and a bit less come-hither in character, at least for now."

Giornata, 2014 Giornata Aglianico French Camp

Giornata, 2014 Giornata Aglianico French Camp

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2014 Giornata Aglianico French Camp

This Aglianico comes from alluvial soils composed of sandy loam soil. The Miller family purchased this property in 1973 and has been selling their grapes since 1976. The grapes were first planted for Randall Graham’s Bonny Doon wines. Today there is only 1 acre of Aglianico at French Camp.

The property is SIP certified and employs a falconer at harvest (instead of netting), uses compost teas, and uses cover crops. It is a dry appellation, so irrigation management is crucial to keeping the berries small.

The wine is fermented with native yeasts, and aged in French Oak barrels of which 10% are new.

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