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Fritz Haag, 2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett

"The 2015 Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett is still pretty reductive, but round, fresh and fruity, with a stimulating piquancy and salinity. A classic Mosel Kabinett with 8.5% alcohol and just the perfect amount of fruit sweetness."
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Fritz Haag, 2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett

"Demure lemon and lime on the nose turn fleshy and ripe on the palate of this delicately sweet Kabinett. Lush peach and tangerine flavors are offset by laser darts of acidity and earthy mineral complexities. The finish lingers on a pleasantly bitter lime-pith note."

Fritz Haag, 2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett

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2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett
Fritz Haag

The steep Brauneberg hillside has been revered as a top vineyard site since Roman times. It was the Romans who first cultivated wine grapes in the Mosel valley. In their day they called this hillside “dulcis mons”, which is Latin for “sweet mountain” and is the origin of the old village name, Dusemond.

For centuries, Brauneberg wines were the most celebrated of all Mosel Rieslings. The Brauneberg is an isolated, south-facing hill that is one of the drier vineyards in the area, a great advantage in this wet, northern climate. The wines tend to have a muscular structure to them due to the nature of this site.

With meticulous vineyard and cellar work, the Fritz Haag estate produces wines that combine the typical Brauneberg power with astonishing clarity and a sophisticated sleekness.

A selection of early-picked fruit from both the Juffer and Juffer Sonnenuhr vineyards, the Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett has a very fine, delicate structure and pure, enervating fruitiness that exemplifies the Fritz Haag style.

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