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WIT: Weingut Wittmann
Fact Sheet: WIT_fs.pdf
Label: WIT_lbl.jpg
Photo: WIT_ph.jpg
Sell Sheet: WIT_ss.pdf
WIT100: Wittmann 100 Hills Weissburgunder
14 Wittmann 100 Hills Weissburgunder
14 Fact Sheet: WIT100_14_fs.pdf
14 Shelf Talker: WIT100_14_sh.pdf
NV Label: WIT100_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT100_NV_ph.jpg

WIT110: Wittmann 100 Hills Riesling
14 Wittmann 100 Hills Riesling
14 Fact Sheet: WIT110_14_fs.pdf
14 Shelf Talker: WIT110_14_sh.pdf
15 Wittmann 100 Hills Riesling
15 Fact Sheet: WIT110_15_fs.pdf
NV Label: WIT110_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT110_NV_ph.jpg
NV Shelf Talker: WIT110_NV_sh.pdf

WIT120: Wittmann Estate Trocken
NV Label: WIT120_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT120_NV_ph.jpg

WIT140: Wittmann Westhofener Trocken
14 Wittmann Westhofener Trocken
14 Photo: WIT140_14_ph.jpg
NV Label: WIT140_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT140_NV_ph.jpg

WIT150: Wittmann Scheurebe Trocken
NV Photo: WIT150_NV_ph.jpg

WIT160: Wittmann Silvaner Trocken
NV Photo: WIT160_NV_ph.jpg

WIT200: Wittmann Rosé of Pinot Noir
15 Wittmann Rosé of Pinot Noir
15 Fact Sheet: WIT200_15_fs.pdf
16 Wittmann Rosé of Pinot Noir
16 Fact Sheet: WIT200_16_fs.pdf
NV Photo: WIT200_NV_ph.jpg

WIT210: Wittmann Morstein GG
14 Wittmann Morstein GG
14 Photo: WIT210_14_ph.jpg
15 Wittmann Morstein GG
15 Sell Sheet: WIT210_15_ss.pdf
NV Label: WIT210_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT210_NV_ph.jpg

WIT220: Wittmann Aulerde GG
NV Photo: WIT220_NV_ph.jpg

WIT300: Wittmann Spatburgunder
NV Label: WIT300_NV_lbl.jpg
NV Photo: WIT300_NV_ph.jpg
WIT110: Wittmann 100 Hills Riesling
2015 Wine Enthusiast 90 Sep-17

WIT120: Wittmann Estate Trocken
2015 Wine Enthusiast 91 Sep-17
2016 James Suckling 93 Sep-17

WIT140: Wittmann Westhofener Riesling trocken Rheinhessen
2014 Jancis Robinson * June 2015
2014 Wine Advocate 90-91 Dec 2015
2015 Wine Enthusiast 94 Mar-17
2016 James Suckling 94 Sep-17

WIT150: Wittmann Scheurebe Trocken
2016 James Suckling 92 Sep-17

WIT200: Wittmann Rosé of Pinot Noir
2015 Wine Enthusiast 91 Mar-17

WIT210: Wittmann Riesling, Rheinhessen Morstein, Grosses Gewachs
2014 Wine & Spirits 91 Dec 2015
2014 Wine Advocate 94-95 Dec 2015
2014 Vinous Media 91 May 2016
2015 Wine Advocate (94-96) Aug-16
2015 James Suckling 97 Oct-16
2015 Wine Enthusiast 95 Mar-17
2016 Wine Advocate 94 Oct-17
2016 James Suckling 98 Sep-17

WIT220: Wittmann Aulerde GG
2016 Wine Advocate 92 Oct-17
2016 James Suckling 95 Sep-17