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SAMsARA Wine Company
Los Olivos, CA, United States

SAMsARA is the creation of highly-regarded winemaker, Chad Melville, and his wife Mary. Under this label, the two produce limited releases of Pinot Noir and Syrah from distinct micro-sites within carefully selected vineyards throughout Santa Barbara County. SAMsARA is a Sanskrit word meaning "the eternal cycle of life". This concept - along with passion, oneness, and harmony - are key components to the philosophy of Chad and Mary Melville’s life and wines.

First and foremost, the pair believes that they are winegrowers, not winemakers - that is, they believe that all of the important work should be done in the vineyard, leaving little to do in terms of handling or manipulation in the cellar. This includes the use of whole clusters in fermentation, which lends a spiciness to the wines and helps absorb excess overt fruit, ultimately leading to wine with incredible balance and complexity.

SAMsARA is one of the most dynamic, exciting young wineries in California. Proprietor Chad Melville turns out compelling Pinots, Syrahs and Grenaches from some of the top sites in Santa Barbara, including his family's Melville estate, where he is vineyard manager. The approach at SAMsARA is stripped down to the core. Native fermentations with high percentages of whole clusters, aging largely in neutral oak, very low SO2 during aging and minimal racking are all part of the approach at SAMsARA. These are some of the most compelling wines being made in California today...
-Antonio Galloni


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2013 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Las Hermanas Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills [SMR380_13]
2013 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Rancho La Viña Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills [SMR520_13]
2013 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Turner Vineyard [SMR510_13]
2013 SAMsARA Syrah Zotovich Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills [SMR440_13]
2014 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Cargasacchi Vineyard [SMR390_14]
2014 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Kessler-Haak Vineyard [SMR360_14]
2014 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Las Hermanas Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills [SMR380_14]
2014 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Melville Vineyard [SMR370_14]
2014 SAMsARA Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills [SMR350_14]
2015 SAMsARA Grenache Santa Barbara County [SMR530_15]
2015 SAMsARA Rosé Windmill Ranch [SMR250_15]
2015 SAMsARA Syrah Santa Barbara [SMR400_15]