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Andrea Oberto
La Morra, Cuneao, Italy

Andrea Oberto grew up working on his family’s farm in the small town of La Morra but spent the early part of his adulthood as a truck driver outside of the family business. When his father passed unexpectedly, he returned home to manage the farm and devoted his life to tending to the 3 ha of vineyards he inherited from his father. In 1978, Andrea shifted the estate’s focus from supplying fruit to the local co-ops to bottling their own wines.

Today, the Andrea Oberto estate continues to be a family-owned operation and is now made up of 16 ha (40 acres) that produce fine wines exported around the world. Andrea works the land with the same enthusiasm that he acquired from the start of his career, while his son Fabio operates the winery.


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2009 Oberto Barolo Brunate DOCG [OBR330_09]
2010 Oberto Barolo Albarella DOCG [OBR310_10]
2010 Oberto Barolo Brunate DOCG [OBR330_10]
2010 Oberto Barolo DOCG [OBR320_10]
2011 Oberto Barolo Albarella DOCG [OBR310_11]
2011 Oberto Barolo Brunate DOCG [OBR330_11]
2011 Oberto Barolo DOCG [OBR320_11]
2012 Oberto Barbera d'Alba 'Giada' DOC [OBR410_12]
2012 Oberto Barolo Albarella DOCG [OBR310_12]
2012 Oberto Barolo Brunate DOCG [OBR330_12]
2012 Oberto Barolo DOCG [OBR320_12]
2013 Oberto Barbera d'Alba [OBR400_13]
2013 Oberto Barbera d'Alba 'Giada' DOC [OBR410_13]
2013 Oberto Barolo DOCG [OBR320_13]
2013 Oberto Barolo Rocche [OBR300_13]
2013 Oberto Dolcetto d'Alba [OBR520_13]
2013 Oberto Nebbiolo [OBR600_13]
2014 Oberto Barbera d'Alba DOC [OBR400_14]
2014 Oberto Barolo DOCG [OBR320_14]
2014 Oberto Dolcetto d'Alba [OBR520_14]
2015 Oberto Barbera d'Alba [OBR400_15]
2015 Oberto Dolcetto d'Alba [OBR520_15]
2015 Oberto Nebbiolo [OBR600_15]
2016 Oberto Barbera d'Alba [OBR400_16]
2016 Oberto Dolcetto d'Alba [OBR520_16]