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Newfound Wines
United States

Newfound Wines is a small family owned winery located in the Sierra Foothills where the project is owned and operated by Matt Naumann and his partner, Audra Chapman. In 2016 Matt and Audra purchased their remote piece of land in El Dorado County and tore out the existing vineyard to start anew and revive the dramatic parcel from its conventionally farmed past. Their intent has been focused on the long game from the beginning. Along the way they brought in 200 goats to graze the hillsides to naturally compost the site, created a fire safe zone by lifting the densely forested canopy; cover cropped with a recipe of legumes, clovers and nitrogen fixing green manures. Newfound has come to define Matt & Audra’s agrarian dream to become first generation grape growers and wine producers.

Matt began his winemaking in the cellars at Michael David Vineyards in Lodi and Neyers in the Napa Valley. But it was at Failla, where Matt spent 3 decisive years managing Ehren Jordan’s 90 acre ranch on the Sonoma Coast, that the seed was planted. The rhythm of nature beckoned and the opportunity to farm his own piece of land never left his soul. Matt has worn many hats in the wine industry. In his 10 years at Failla he was the vineyard manager, assistant winemaker, national sales manager, and general manager.

Audra’s induction into the wine industry began with a serendipitous production apprenticeship at a winery on the far coast of Mendocino in 2004. Wine (& food) have been a deep passion ever since, leading her to places like in Nantucket, MA, where she served as the wine director for the island’s top restaurants. Not surprisingly, she made her way back to California, working in sales for Napa Valley’s Hourglass Wine Co. She spent 6 lovely years connecting people and wine, first in east coast sales, and then as national sales manager, before transitioning to direct to consumer sales for Hourglass. Audra consults for a few wineries, in addition to slaying for Newfound.

Matt’s winemaking focuses on depth, complexity, individuality and most importantly, terroir. Their production facility contains little technology and tons of character - perfectly suited for the style of wines they have set out to create.

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2016 Newfound Grenache Scaggs Vineyard [NWF400_16]
2016 Newfound Mourvedre Scaggs Vineyard [NWF410_16]