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Melville Winery LLC
Lompoc, CA, United States

Melville is an estate driven winery with a focused commitment to producing Burgundian and Northern Rhône varietals with the utmost respect for their history as well as the site on which they are grown. Located in the center of the Santa Rita Hills appellation, in Santa Barbara County, the estate currently has 85 acres planted to vineyards. The climate here is significantly impacted by its proximity to the ocean, and marked by consistent morning and evening fog and steady afternoon winds. These cooling trends are not only perfectly suited for pinot noir, syrah and chardonnay, but they also serve to prolong the growing season allowing for heightened varietal flavor intensity.

"Winemaker Greg Brewer and grower Chad Melville continue to knock it out of the park with these Melville releases. Focusing on site, if not plot, specific releases, neutral oak, no SO2 until racking, and varying degrees of whole cluster are the norm here. The wines have individual characters and, stylistically, lean toward the more complex, finesse-driven side of the spectrum. They 'Wow' more for their balance and nuance than their power and richness. They also remain reasonably priced!" - Wine Advocate, Aug 2013.


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2012 Melville Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills [MLV350_12]
2013 Melville Chardonnay Verna's Vineyard [MLV100_13]
2013 Melville Pinot Noir Block M [MLV330_13]
2013 Melville Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills [MLV350_13]
2013 Melville Pinot Noir Verna's [MLV300_13]
2013 Melville Syrah Donna's Estate Vineyard [MLV410_13]
2013 Melville Viognier Verna's Vineyard [MLV200_13]
2014 Melville Chardonnay Sta. Rita Hills Estate [MLV150_14]
2014 Melville Estate Syrah 'Donna's' [MLV410_14]
2014 Melville Pinot Noir Block M [MLV330_14]
2014 Melville Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills [MLV350_14]
2014 Melville Pinot Noir Terraces [MLV340_14]
2014 Melville Syrah Estate [MLV420_14]
2015 Melville Chardonnay Inox Clone 76 [MLV110_15]
2015 Melville Pinot Noir 'Sandy's' [MLV320_15]
2015 Melville Pinot Noir Block M [MLV330_15]
2015 Melville Syrah Donna's [MLV410_15]
2015 Melville Syrah Estate [MLV420_15]
2016 Melville Chardonnay Inox Clone 76 [MLV110_16]
2016 Melville Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir [MLV250_16]