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Carlton, Oregon, United States

Building on years of critical acclaim and focusing on some of the oldest, renowned vineyard sources in the Willamette Valley, Isabelle Meunier and Greg Ralston are committed to producing wines crafted to be the highest expression and purest voice of site-specific terroir.

Winemaker Isabelle Meunier cut her winemaking teeth in Burgundy, under the watch of fellow French-Canadian Pascal Marchand at Domaine de la Vougeraie, and at New Zealand’s Felton Road, with Blair Walter. Marchand recommended her to Dominique Lafon to oversee winemaking at his then-new Oregon consulting project, Evening Land, in 2007. Isabelle quickly became of one of Oregon’s most acclaimed winemakers.

Co-Founder Greg Ralston has provided valued guidance and leadership to wine producers who possess profound respect for terroir and are benchmarks in their regions for over 25 years. Recruited to become President & CEO of Evening Land Vineyards in 2012, Greg oversaw related wineries in California, Burgundy and Oregon. It was during this period, working with Isabelle, that they produced some of Oregon’s most highly acclaimed Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Greg is passionate about creating and sharing wines of unique distinction and advancing the conversation to enhance the Willamette Valley’s stature in the world of fine wine.

LAVINEA's commitment is to advance the reputation of Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay by bringing to the attention of the world the Willamette Valley’s finest vineyard sites. The winery does that by working exclusively with single-vineyard Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from five AVAs in the northern Willamette Valley.


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2014 Lavinea Chardonnay Elton [LVN110_14]
2014 Lavinea Pinot Noir Elton [LVN340_14]
2014 Lavinea Pinot Noir Lazy River [LVN310_14]
2014 Lavinea Pinot Noir Nysa [LVN330_14]
2014 Lavinea Pinot Noir Tualatin [LVN320_14]
2015 LAVINEA Chardonnay Elton [LVN110_15]
2015 LAVINEA Chardonnay Lazy River [LVN100_15]
2015 LAVINEA Pinot Noir Elton [LVN340_15]
2015 LAVINEA Pinot Noir Lazy River [LVN310_15]
2015 LAVINEA Pinot Noir Nysa [LVN330_15]
2015 LAVINEA Pinot Noir Tualatin [LVN320_15]