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Loreto, Marche, Italy

Almost no one celebrates Verdicchio... as a white wine that can age to an impressive depth and complexity. Yet it can. And it does.... Garofoli, among others, are creating Verdicchios capable of being taken seriously. - Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator (May 2012)

Garofoli is one of the oldest wineries in the Marche, dating back to 1871 when Antonio Garofoli began producing wine for the local pilgrims coming to the famous church of Loreto. Today, Garofoli is run by the family's fifth generation and its wines are garnering attention all over the world.

Since its inception, the same philosophy has always guided the estate: constantly updating production techniques while respecting traditional winemaking methods and the unique terrior of the Marche. Garofoli was one of the first producers in the Marche to reduce yields and experiment with barrel-aging, with the intent to make a Verdicchio with bigger body, structure, and complexity. They also swapped the traditional amphora bottle for a more modern Bordeaux bottle. As such, they have undermined the commonplace notion that Verdicchio is a simple and undemanding wine that lacks longevity.

Vineyards and Vinification:
The Marche is well-known for its hills, which slope down from the eastern side of the Apennines toward the Adriatic sea. This terrain is particularly well-suited to the cultivation of vines because they are sheltered from the winds off the Adriatic Sea and have a warm, sunny exposure. Furthermore, the wines get their famous minerality from the region's white calcareous clay soils. Garofoli’s estate vineyards cover a total area of about 128 acres in the zones of Montecarotto (Jesi area), Paterno and Piancarda (Mt. Conero area) and Castelfidardo. The estate produces a range of wines including several different bottlings of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Rosso, Rosato, sparkling, and even passito wines.


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2011 Garofoli Grosso Agontano Cònero Riserva DOCG [GRF320_11]
2013 Garofoli 'Piancarda' Rosso Cònero DOC [GRF310_13]
2013 Garofoli 'Podium', Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC [GRF130_13]
2014 Garofoli 'Piancarda' Rosso Cònero DOC [GRF310_14]
2014 Garofoli 'Podium' Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC [GRF130_14]
2014 Garofoli Rosso Monte Reale IGT [GRF300_14]
2014 Garofoli Serra del Conte Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC [GRF140_14]
2015 Garofoli 'Farnio' Rosso Piceno DOC [GRF330_15]
2015 Garofoli 'Gale' Falerio Pecorino DOC [GRF160_15]
2015 Garofoli 'Piancarda' Rosso Cònero [GRF310_15]
2015 Garofoli 'Podium' Verdicchio [GRF130_15]
2015 Garofoli Rosato Komaros [GRF200_15]
2015 Garofoli Rosso Monte Reale IGT [GRF300_15]
2015 Garofoli Serra del Conte Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC [GRF140_15]
2016 Garofoli 'Piancarda' Rosso [GRF310_16]
2016 Garofoli Rosato Komaros [GRF200_16]
2016 Garofoli Rosso Monte Reale IGT [GRF300_16]
2016 Garofoli Verdicchio 'Macrina' DOC Classico Superiore [GRF120_16]
2017 Garofoli 'Kòmaros' Rosato [GRF200_17]
2017 Garofoli Verdicchio MacrinaDOC [GRF120_17]
NV Garofoli Charmat Brut [GRF170_NV]
NV Garofoli Guelfo Verde Frizzante Bianco [GRF100_NV]