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Compañía de Vinos del Atlántico (CVA)

Alberto Orte Espejo was born in Madrid and now lives in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) with his family. In 1999, at the age of 24, he partnered with his friend Patrick Mata, a native of Malaga, and created OLE IMPORTS LLC. Alberto handles the selection of wines and winemaking in Spain while Patrick manages the commercial and marketing part of the business in the USA.

In 2003, Patrick and Alberto decided to establish another company that was directly involved in the production of wine in different areas of Spain, so they created the Compañía de Vinos del Atlántico (CVA), whose fundamental mission is to discover new production areas, unique soils and to recover native varieties.


Sales Materials (view all)

2012 Cal Blanca [CVA380_12]
2012 Calma [CVA400_12]
2012 Gordo [CVA390_12]
2013 Cal Blanca [CVA380_13]
2013 La Cartuja [CVA300_15]
2013 Ludovicus Tinto [CVA370_13]
2013 Sierra de la Demanda Blanco [CVA170_13]
2013 Sierra de la Demanda Tinto [CVA530_13]
2014 'Escalada do Sil' [CVA520_14]
2014 Gordo [CVA390_14]
2014 Ludovicus Red [CVA370_14]
2014 Rogo Godello [CVA130_14]
2014 Sierra de la Demanda Tinto [CVA530_14]
2015 'Barco de Piedra' Tempranillo [CVA410_15]
2015 'Escalada do Sil' [CVA520_15]
2015 Columna Albariño [CVA110_15]
2015 Cortijo Blanco [CVA100_15]
2015 Cortijo Tinto [CVA360_15]
2015 Flaco Tempranillo [CVA320_15]
2015 La Nevera Blanco 3L [CVA120_15]
2015 La Nevera Tinto 3L [CVA340_15]
2015 Rogo Godello [CVA130_15]
2015 Zestos Blanco [CVA140_15]
2015 Zestos Old Vine Garnacha [CVA330_15]
2016 'La Cartuja' Priorat [CVA300_16]
2016 Columna Albarino [CVA110_16]
2016 Cortijo Rosado [CVA210_16]
2016 Flaco Blanco [CVA160_16]
2016 Flaco Tempranillo [CVA320_16]
2016 La Nevera Blanco 3L [CVA120_16]
2016 La Nevera Tinto [CVA340_16]
2016 Rogo Godello [CVA130_16]
2016 Zestos Blanco [CVA140_16]
2016 Zestos Old Vine Garnacha [CVA330_16]
2016 Zestos Rosado [CVA200_16]
2017 Columna Albariño [CVA110_17]
2017 Flaco Tempranillo [CVA320_17]
2017 La Nevera Blanco 3L [CVA120_17]
2017 La Nevera Tinto 3L [CVA340_17]
2017 Muti Albarino [CVA540_16]
2017 Rogo Godello [CVA130_17]
2017 Zestos Blanco [CVA140_17]
2017 Zestos OV Garnacha [CVA330_17]
2017 Zestos Rosado [CVA200_17]
NV Orleans Borbón Manzanilla [CVA500_NV]
NV Vermouth Mata Tinto [CVA510_NV]