Spain, Galicia: Ribeiro Renaissance?

/ March 5, 2019

Luis Gutiérrez of The Wine Advocate wrote a killer story about the emerging wine regions of Galicia, highlighting our own Forjas del Salnés and Quinta da Muradella.

Read the article here.

"Let’s move to Rías Baixas, I had a great day tasting the 2016s and 2017s from the producers I admire the most there: Albamar, Forjas del Salnés, Fulcro, Nanclares and Zárate, plus their branch-offs. These five produce more and more different wines each year, and their portfolios are growing a bit crazy."

Rodrigo Méndez of Forjas del Salnés in green shirt.

"Being alone is not easy, but José Luis Mateo is not a person that gives up easily. He relentlessly looks for ways to improve his wines and is never happy with them and, in fact, keeps too low a profile, so often his wines are underestimated or fly below the radar, as people don’t talk about them. I see them improving year after year, and it’s impressive how they age in bottle. I’m not the only one with a deep respect for Mateo. His colleagues feel very much the same."

José Luis Mateo of Quinta da Muradella in Monterrei.