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In 1972, Chambers & Chambers Wine Merchants booked its first pre-sale of wines from France. At this time, the company was a small family affair with Jack Chambers and his daughter, Suzanne, buying, selling, unloading containers, and delivering each case of wine they sold. Jack's wife, Barbara, took on the administrative details, and with a lot of sweat equity, the company grew. Jack's passion for Burgundy brought all three of the partners to France often and allowed the company to gather even more wines in its portfolio. In fact, we are extremely proud to say that we have been representing some of the greatest estates in Burgundy since the company's earliest days (some of them exclusively).

Concurrent with his role at Chambers & Chambers, Jack had a career as an airline pilot with Western Airlines. While based in Hawaii, Jack realized the limited availability of quality wines on the islands and saw an opportunity for the company to expand. By 1979, the company had added Hawaii to the growing markets under its scope, in addition to having taken on a few select California producers.

Suzanne was named president of Chambers & Chambers in 1993 and continues in that role today. While Jack retired from the day to day operations in 2003, he still sits on the board of directors and stays current with the company's business.

The Chambers wine family has now grown to include three offices and an incredibly rich and diverse portfolio of wines (and sake) from around the world, including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Madeira, Argentina, Chile, and the U.S. We are grateful to the many people who have contributed to our company's success and look forward to sharing our passion for fine wine for many years to come.