"The Breadth of Turley" featured in The Examiner

/ February 19, 2019

Turley's vineyard designate Zinfandels are highlighted by Lyle W. Norton in this article from The Examiner.

"From their menu of 31 wines, Turley produces 25 different zinfandel releases, 23 vineyard-designated, all organic and sourced from some of the oldest and finest vineyards throughout the state. This many wines may seem a bit ostentatious, but the winery describes them all as unique and different."

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Domaine de L'Arlot and Easton Featured in Wine Spectator

/ February 13, 2019

In Wine Spectator's annual Editors' Picks issue, our senior editors go through their most memorable wines, experiences and travels of the past year and share what stood out to them most. This week, we single out three special wines that sparked joy: a California Zinfandel, a French Pinot Noir and an aged Aussie Shiraz.

A wine I tasted this past year epitomized all of that for me:

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Weingut Fritz Haag featured in Mosel Fine Wines

/ February 11, 2019

Which came first? Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr or Weingut Fritz Haag? The Estate is so deeply associated with this mythical vineyard that the question may be asked. 

We met with Oliver Haag for an interview to better understand his Estate, vineyards, winemaking philosophy, professional career … and, of course, wine preferences! Oliver is not the most expansive of wine growers. But when a topic is close to his heart, he can get all fired up, as we noticed in more